Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yellow lynch mob

All photos taken last night (April 21) at the intersection of Silom road and Rama 4. 

Clashes erupted between yellows and reds on Silom road last night.

The red shirts were set up behind their formidable tire and bamboo wall on one side and riot control police were stationed on the opposite side. Also facing the red shirt frontline was the military who were perched up in the pedestrian walkway with a large number of well armed troops with M16s trained on the reds.

Amongst the police, the so-called "multicolored" protesters had gathered. But make no mistake, they are yellow shirts or People's Alliance for Democracy simply re-branded.

Their name may change, but what remains the same is their violence, anger, and intolerance.

The yellow mob (and i do mean to use the word mob rather than protesters) had worked themselves up into a frothing anger while their leaders were exchanging taunts over loudspeakers with the opposing red camp.

Pitched battles broke out in which both reds and yellows threw bottles and traded sling-shot rounds. Ball bearings, marbles, and other metal objects caused a number of injuries. I was hit in the forehead by a piece of metal while walk back towards the yellow shirts but it could just as well have been a ricochet fired by the reds.   

Then the situation became more violent and truly ugly.

The yellows began attacking people near them they suspected of being red shirts. An older motorcycle taxi driver, a young man claiming to be a off-duty soldier, a Thai journalist caught carrying a UDD membership card, and a somewhat ignorant Western tourist who was on the way the the Sala Deang BTS station.

It was true mob violence with no rationale.

The yellows punched, kicked, spit, scratched, and broke bottles over their victims heads.

They also threatened the press who were filming their violence. They accused us of not filming the 'right' violence and aggressively tried to tell us to stop filming them and go to the other side to film the reds.

At one point, the lynch mob stormed the police barrier at the swank Dusit Thani Hotel and tried to get inside. They were demanding the police handover a victim the police had previously saved.

While the police and military were unresponsive to the point of being implicit, they did help those being lynched and this did prevent anyone from being killed.

Now that yellows and reds are fighting, it would be logical to assume that more clashes and mob violence will take place on Bangkok's streets in the coming days.


  1. lol - that's it? You could only find a picture of ONE guy in a yellow shirt? And then the guy holding the marble is doing what? Showing he intends to shoot it? Or someone just shot it at him?

    There maybe some previous yellow supporters, but this is mainly Bangkokians sending a message - Red shirts have outstayed their welcome.

    At first they were demonstrators, with real grievances.
    Then they broke the law by taking over Ratchaprasong and became criminals.
    Then they used war weapons on soldiers - don't tell me the army blew themselves up with grenades - and the Reds became traitors.

  2. Thanks for the post, watching shitty Thai news I had no idea that any real violence had occurred, especially involving the multicolour/pink/yellow-shirts-cum-'facebook'-mob.

  3. "Yellow lynch mob?" More like a textbook example of yellow journalism -- you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Yellow journalism, also known as the "Yellow Press", is a type of journalism that downplays legitimate news in favor of eye-catching headlines that sell more newspapers; sometimes, it deceives the audience it is intended for. It may feature exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or journalists.

  4. @ Nation State

    great work ! thanks for telling the truth as it is.
    (yours is 2nd blog I saw so far which sheds the light on what has really happened there at Silom - Nirmal's blog is another one)

    don't pay attention at all those who have instantly attack you here (must give credit to PADscists : they are very swift and well internet proficient ! LOL) as saying goes : "dogs bark and caravan goes on !" :)


    "More like a textbook example of yellow journalism -- you should be ashamed of yourself."

    wuahahahahaha ! this is simply hilarious !

    there is English idiom :

    "The pot calling the kettle black"

    so, today here I found the Thai version of it :

    "Yellow call someone else yellow" LOL :D

    "Anonymous" - first of all this is NOT press but a blog !
    second: unlike YELLOW Thai MSM (as Nation, Bkk Post) and REAL hard-core "yellow" (because it is PAD) ASTV - this blogger WAS THERE and has narrated what he SAW himself - the FACTS ! that is a HUGE difference w all those prostitutes of Thai MSM who thoroughly distort info & rarely or never check facts!

    furthermore, if you have bothered to read the Wiki article properly - word "sensationalism" is mentioned there. what for ? for the purpose to "sell more newspapers" - and WHAT newspapers this blogger wants to sell ? :)

    therefore your accusations are plainly STUPID !

  5. ไม่ขำเลยApril 22, 2010 at 10:17 p.m.

    English obviously isn't your forté. To lynch is to hang someone with a rope. If the police "did help those being lynched," the implication is that they helped them as they were strung up.

  6. Thanks for the eyewitness report. There are NONE otherwise.

  7. More lynch mob today (from eyewitnesses who are THERE right now !) :

    "Remaining male members of Silom Group attacking a taxi driver at 9.10pm. Military offers came to help the driver. TT@jin_nation"

    "a redshirt got beaten up by 30 guys. police safed him to a garage. he is on the way to hospital"

    "More burning of the red flag at SalaDaeng. People back in the street again, while police photograph where explosion went off"

    thus promised by Chamlong (member of sect Santi Asoke aka "Peaceful Asoke") civil war seems has already began - his cowardly PADscist thugs already beat up people. as usually, they attack only in packs, when greatly outnumber the victim: as 30 beat 1 - typical of fascists !

  8. Realizing that this is not a blog about English usage, but - to the blogger above who questions the use of lynch: In the strict sense lynch does refer to a hanging, but in the broader sense it addresses any sort of violence or aggression perpetrated by a group upon a single person (or in any case a much smaller group of people), often with little provocation or evidence to justify the attack. To come to the aid of those being attacked is not to assist with their brutalization. Nation's State use is correct.

  9. when i heard the news, i thought of you. as long as you are alive and okay... take care.

  10. The Red Shirts hold the city to ransom.
    They refuse to negotiate and will not accept the reasonable offer of house dissolution in six months.
    They can not wait 28 weeks? Why not?
    And last night we saw the true Red... five grenades launched at unarmed civilians in a busy street.
    Perhaps some were protesting, but many more were simply bystanders.
    The UDD is now a terrorist organisation and needs to be handled as such.

  11. PADcists?
    Is that your answer to everyone who disagrees with holding a capital city under threat of violence?
    There are hundreds of thousands of people joining together to express their disapproval of UDD and Red Shirts' methods.

    And you immediately brand ALL of them as Yellow shirts... how very predictable.

    These are the REAL people - the ones whose livelihoods are threatened by the demands of one group controlled by a morally bankrupt billionaire and his puppets.

    People are sick of the Red Shirts - if the army don't disperse them - the people of Bangkok will do it.

    And you will blithely call them Government forces and ignore the fact that your movement has lost all credibility and local support.

    Your supporters will die. Soldiers will die. For what? Because Arisman and Jatuporn and unable compromise without Thaksin's permission.

    Civil war has come to this state and UDD is to blame.

  12. Ha ha!

    Suthep says that the grenades came from the Red Shirts' general vicinity and you then make the assumption that it was the Reds that fired the grenades? Wow, little bit of 'post hoc ergo propter hoc' there mate, you might want to take a course in logical reasoning. But of course, that's why Suthep made the suggestion and didn't name the Red Shirts as the perpetrators of the attack - because there is no proof! Don't believe everything you hear, and at least try not to jump to unsound conclusions when there's not enough evidence to form one (although the government obviously wants you to...)

  13. And before you jump on the guy that writes this blog for bias, how about you witness the events first hand like he did!

  14. This is accurate, insightful, and excellent on-the-ground reporting. I am in Bangkok and was at the Lumpini / Silom / SalaDaeng grounds most recently last night (Apr 22) and will be going again shortly tonight. It is near common knowledge that 99% of the Red Shirts are accomodating and colloborative with anyone they see, welcoming and taking care of you. I have sensed the opposite from the Yellow Shirt and "Multi Shirts" (who are the same), they have a cold blooded stare and they do indeed worry me. This report only supplements what I've seen and felt around both sides.

  15. @ "No color"

    first of all, the "No color" phrase (as well as "multicolor") is one of the most stupid Oxymoron words I have ever seen ! :D

    "no color" ? like - no ANY colors at all ? say, as inside some "dark matter", where there is no light and therefore colors can't be seen ?

    or what is "multicolor" ? does that include ... red color too ? ;)

    regarding PADscists - this term has been defined 2 years ago, not by me - but I like it. because it reflects the violent thuggish behavior of the extremist element of PAD.

    of course, not all of PAD are extremists / fascists. there are many normal people there who perhaps do not participate in violence but merely subscribe to the "ideology". however even they indirectly SUPPORT the actions of those active extremists in PAD (who mostly form the so called "PAD guards" and other volunteers who eagerly participate in any fascist actions)

    PAD is very proficient in demagoguery and all sorts of fallacies. of course, they cleverly twist upside down ALL their own actions, even though to people in the world their actions are plain and obvious : as terrorist acts of hijacking 2 international airports, etc. but of course, PAD do not consider those criminal actions neither terrorist nor criminal. they say that was "fun" (as PAD member Kasit - now Foreign Minister of so called "Democrat" government)

    however, no matter the amount and variety of demagoguery and shameless lies PAD tries to employ (which they actively spread not only through their ASTV network, and now its English version TAN news network - but also all over internet and such social networks as Facebook, etc) - the fact remains the SAME : their ideology, their despise for fellow Thai people (who are mostly farmers, who grow food PAD also eats !), their ruthlessness to opponent, their HATE expressed towards opponents in the most extreme obscene language, even threats, and many examples of their actual actions (like beating and shooting people, stabbing police, and even punching some old women in face - just because those women were wearing red-shirts) - ALL this clearly shows their fascist nature.

    also, their whole recent campaign all over internet, full of hatred and calls for bloody crackdown, and even direct calls to kill all the red-shirts.

    so, yeas, many of the PAD are VERY clever ! due to the Pending court case against many of PAD members & leaders for terrorism and many other criminal acts - now PAD try to avoid openly show their favorite yellow color, and instead they have started to wear other colors.

    but their words, abuse, insults, and even actions expose them very clearly for what they really are: for example, when some people or cars pass by their gathering and have at least SOMETHING of red color - these so called "multicolor" would immediately stop them, abuse, harass, insult and even try to beat (often they do - as at first "pink shirt" meeting at Lumpini: they have beaten some passing by motorbike drivers)

    and the most funny thing is : these people claim that it is red-shirts who are "violent", and "terrorists" etc. although there are NO ANY reported (even by Thai MSM !) cases of red-shirts doing even remotely anything similar to all the above mentioned things which PAD / "no color" / "multicolor" regularly participate in !

    also funny that despite SO MANY witnesses (both local and foreign) of their actions as well as of red-shirts actions - these "chameleon" people continue to shamelessly claim that it is them who are nice and peaceful ! LOL :D

  16. Cont'd

    @ "No color"

    the problem is - right-wing extremists (= fascists) have been doing this already for a long time, at least since Oct 1976. and now they raise up again - they even sing the same songs as then, from 70s, and call rural people (most of whom are red-shirts) "scum of earth" (this is name of one their song).

    as long these fascists continue to dominate social life in this country - there can be no any unity or peace or reconciliation. and they know it very well themselves, that's why they made ultimatum to "Demo-crap" gov of Abheesh1t : if you do not make bloody crackdown on red-shirts within 7 days, then we will do it ourselves, and start a Civil war.

    elections are out of questions for them of course, because they know that they can not win and they do not want to lose. therefore they are eager to support any regime, be it open junta or "Demo-crap" dictatorship backed by same junta & judiciary. and they only rely on FORCE and suppression ! that's why they support censorship etc. - because it is natural for fascists to oppose ANY openness in society : otherwise people would be able to read/ watch/ listen to alternative sources of information, compare that to "official version" (and to ASTV/ TAN) and then figure out what a pile of BS PAD's ideology really is.

    there are many more evidences of clearly undisguised fascist tendencies in PAD. and all those "multicolor" who claim that they are not PAD, most often somehow subscribe to the SAME ideology & tactics ! thus, they may say as much as they want that they are not PAD - but their stance tells more than their own words.

    the conclusion is simple : those who are REAL "No color" (in other words, not affiliated with any groups or colors) - they SEAT AT HOME, take care of their families, work, etc, and not go to any political gatherings - and ESPECIALLY they never go to participate in some provocations (as in last few days at Silom) and do not clash with police because police try to stop their such actions ! but those so called "No color" who do all those things - are pretenders, HYPOCRITES, and shameless liars ! and no amount of their lies on internet or on their rallies, nor amount of Propaganda by ajarns, gov and Thai MSM - is gonna change that FACT !!!

    as saying goes: "you can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all the people all the time" (and that's a fact: even many former yellow / PAD become disillusioned and after sometime wake up and leave PAD)

    Cheers ! :)


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