Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clashes in Bangkok

Bangkok burning; road block near Victory Monument. Residents claimed the military shot two locals on their way home. 10PM My 14th. 

Havent had much time to blog and have had to deal with the near-fatal shooting of a good friend who was shot by the military. And while there is too much to say, I can not say much at this time but will post photos in chronological order starting with May 13th and followed by today's (14th) clashes.

Some photos are graphic and might not want to be viewed by all.

Note: Seh Deang at 6:33 PM on May 13th. He was shot by a sniper at around 7PM.

Note: Motorbike taxi driver shot with a rubber bullet.

Note: Immediately after the above photo of the protester shooting fireworks, two shots rang out and a protester behind me was hit in the head and died.

May 14th on Rama 4 road:

Note: This shot was taken while trapped in the middle of a raging gunfight between the military on the BTS pedestrian bridge on Silom road and unseen, but certainly active, red shirt guards shooting M-16 (which i saw but could not photograph the night before right after Seh Deang was shot inside the red barricades) or other war rifles. There were countless thunderous explosions which reverberated and shook the buildings and might have been M79 grenades.


  1. To refer to your M79: Hi, those big fireworks really are loud in confined spaces. My hering was blown for awhile today by one of them as I was taking photos. There was constant shooting of fireworks and many landed where I was. I am seeing lots of photos and videos where they say "grenade exploding"when today I saw myself that the normal fireworks look exactly the same.

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  3. But why was the guy behind you killed? Was he or his freiends shooting with weapon?



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