Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Away With Murder in Thailand

The always insightful Rule of Lords has a great peice on the insitutionalized impunity that Thai security forces opperate with.

"The effect of all of this is to make the proper working of the courts impossible, and for many, the criminal justice system little more than a cruel farce; for others like Yapa Koseng, just plain cruel. When a police charge sheet is crowded with the name of every member of a department as investigators, when undercover agents run around the countryside without keeping diaries of their activities, when army officers don’t know who is doing what under their command, getting away with murder is easy."

It is simply astounding that the security forces can not understand that their own violent behaviour is one of the primary causes of unrest in the southern border provinces.

In every interview I have done and every casual question asked to Malay-Muslim residents in the deep south about how they feel about the soldiers the answer is the same.

They live in fear of the military and police.

For an apt assesment of how Thai security forces act with legal (and presumably moral) impunity, please see the Rule of Lords: The Mechanics of Murder

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