Thursday, November 6, 2008

PAD English Lessons

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Since August 26, People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) protesters have been loitering in Government House.

In addition to 24-hours of ear shattering anti-government and anti-Thaksin propaganda, they also can enjoy free food, free medical care, take in a massage, or buy souvenirs.

Or, they can learn English. The following statements, written in a cute little notebook, were presented to me and I was asked to edit the grammar.

From the top of the page, to the bottom it reads:

  • God damn! Taksin
  • Taksin! go to hell
  • Send Taksin back to Thailand
  • go to prison, Taksin.
  • Taksin, Cheating man on our tax
  • Son of a bitch
Very useful English phrases for the seething PAD masses whose anger has been sharpened into an irrational and dangerous hatred for their former Prime Minister.

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