Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Thai Law" from Al Jazeera

There are reports that the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, or MICT is attempting to block all access to Professor Giles Ungpakorn's incendiary 'Red Siam Manifesto.

From Prachatai:

Aree Jiworarak, Director of the Information Technology Supervision Office under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, sent e-mails to executives of internet service providers (ISPs), saying that the Office had found there was a publication disseminated on the internet called the ‘Red Siam Manifesto’ which affected national security.

He asked for their cooperation in ‘keeping watch for the circulation of the article. And if your systems can enable filters to prevent access to it, please do so, as that would greatly benefit national security. Please act urgently.’

This above Al Jazeera video is rumored to be blocked already by a few Thai ISP's. But, at the time of posting, it was still available.

The real question though is how long MICT will attempt to stifle the internet because a simple search for 'Red Siam Manifesto' in quotes found 1990 sites...and counting.

And this simply reaffirms the uselessness of lese majeste laws, the more you try to suppress information, the more curious people will be about it.

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