Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Daily Dose

From Voice TV comes an English language news show called the Daily Dose. I particularly like the show's lead story on an Asia Times story Reds ready to rumble in Thailand which they describe as:

"Reds ready to rumble in Thailand By Nelson Rand and Chandler Vandergrift in had some keen insights into the army's (sic).

These are several key phrases from the article which is worth a read.The military effectively suppressed April's UDD protest, but questions are emerging about possible cracks in the chain of command. While Thailand's military has long been factionalized along graduating class
lines, it is now also believed to be divided among competing units, according to experts."

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  1. 1) Weren't you one of the co-authors of the Asia Times story? And if so, wouldn't it have been a bit more transparent to have mentioned it?

    2) Given that the Bangkok Post and The Nation are now running the same stroy today with bold screaming headlines citing the Democrat party and the PAD as sources, do you think maybe you got taken in by propagandists?

    It does seem obvious that there has been a concerted effort by the vested interests of the elite to make it look like the opposition is violent and unlawful. Every time there is a rally, the rumor goes out, and every time (save last Songkran), it is inaccurate. In this regard, the headline "the reds are ready to rumble" seems only to serve the ruling classes disinformation campaign and taint their enemies, not provide analysis for your readers.


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