Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo of the Day: Dowsing with the Fourth Army

For those following the GT 200 scandal and the military's continued use of the million-baht-coat-hanger, this photo might be amusing.

It is an actual dowsing rod from the Sufficiency Village training center across the road from the Sirindhorn base in Yala province and was being used to show local villagers how to find water. I guess they might as well have been looking for explosives.

Gen Pichet Wisaijorn is observing. November 2009.


  1. yes, but:

    how much do the rods cost (commission yield)?

    can they be used to (falsely) arrest people for terrorism?

    since there is water everywhere in Thailand no scientific tests can be used to confirm or deny their effectiveness

  2. the test did not show that the device "might detect bombs" in some cases

    it showed there was no evidence that the device ever detected bombs

    the result was as good as if the operator tried to guess where the bombs were without having any device at all

    so the result means that:

    1 the device is worthless and

    2 the army would achieve the same results by asking its soldiers for their best guess on whether there is a bomb or not

    an advantage for the sellers of the fake equipment is that:

    1 when there is a success then people are alive to claim the success

    2 when the operator fails to guess there is a bomb the explosion destroys the evidence and there are less people to complain about the failure

  3. see this


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