Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A red shirt protester showing allegiance to the king, a couple of minutes before major clashes on Makawan Bridge on April 10th. 

A provocative article on Prachatai called Abhisit’s last Card: Ultra-Royalism?

"Now that Abhisit is hemorrhaging most if not all of his legitimacy, could he be desperate and callous enough to accuse the red-shirt leadership and the movement of being an anti-monarchist movement?"

Much of the political turmoil in Thailand is drawn in zero-sum terms and if Abhisit and his backers are feeling that they are about to lose it is possible that those who pretend to be protecting the monarchy will be the very ones who drag the monarchy into the center stage of the fray.

It has been said before, but worth repeating, the royalists are truly the biggest threat to royalty in Thailand.

Update 12:20 am:
Then again, maybe the royalty are a threat to themselves.

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