Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amulets and War

*All photos copyright *

From a trip to Phaaw Ming village in Pattani province August 2008 to work on a documentary film about the southern insurgency.

Q: Have you ever experienced violence here that made you scared?

Medic: I have never been in an incident. But I have lost some of my subordinates so I was sad but I try to do my best.

Q: How do you take care of your self when you are on duty?

Medic: First I wear body armor. I wear a helmet all the time while traveling. Once I get to the location I can take it off in some cases, such as now, it is safe with a lot of people. But if we are in the car, we have to be careful all the time. We cannot fall asleep and have to be prepared.

Q: Apart from helmet, do you wear Buddha amulet?

Medic: Yes, I do. It is the pendent we are all get.

Q: What kind of amulet is that?

Medic: It is Lung Pu jeam. I've got it from the military. Lung Pu jeam and Lung Pu Tuad. This one is from my home in Lumpoon, Pra lod, my dad gave it to me. That is all. The rest are for moral support.


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