Monday, April 13, 2009

Calling it a Revolution

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Troops at ease outside Chitralada Palace last night (April 12th).

From Michael Montesano in the Malaysian Insider:

"A range of evidence indicates that the country is on the brink of a revolutionary situation. In this context, the fate of the Abhisit government represents a minor consideration.


The Thai military may yet use violence against the red shirts. This may require it to mount crackdowns not only in Bangkok but also across much of provincial Thailand.

At best, such an effort will bring temporary quiet. At worst, it may exacerbate divisions among Thailand’s soldiers and policemen, leading to Thais spilling the blood of fellow Thais.

But revolutions need not be violent. The revolutionary situation on the brink of which the country now seems to stand can lead to a new Thailand, one in which there is room for all Thais to participate constructively."

The whole article is really worth a read and makes a convincing argument that the chaos currently playing out on the streets is nothing short of a revolution.

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