Friday, April 17, 2009

The first casualty is the truth

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Troops clearing the streets, and myself, close to Government House on the morning of Tuesday April 14th

Over at the Rule of Lords, Awzar Thi writes:

"What all this goes to show is not which side is to blame for the street blockades and bloodshed of the last few days, but how difficult it has become to believe Thailand’s media. Since 2006, when domestic news agencies and many overseas ones fell over each other to enthuse about the army’s latest power grab, the biases of newspapers, magazines and broadcasters have become more pronounced, their coverage more partisan, and their opinion-makers seemingly more sure of themselves even as things get less certain." ... "But instead of offering useful analysis, most newspaper space has been taken up with headlines jeering at the Red Shirts’ failed putsch accompanied by content-free commentary that has at best been infantile and at worst shameful."

How apt.

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  1. some say - the first casualty is "journalism" ;)

    which is quite logical : coz journalists present the truth to the masses. so, if they are corrupted - then naturally the truth they present will also be.


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