Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A gross misstep

When the UDD (red shirts) marched
triumphantly through bangkok on Monday (March 15) they gained a political victory.

The residents of Bangkok came out to great them, and importantly, came out to support them.

The macabre blood drive that happened today will likely negate
any public victory that they have made.

Yes, it is symbolic and representative of the 'blood of the nation' but it is radical and will serve to alienate the so-called silent majority.

My first hand experience is this; it was simply awful.

The waste of blood which could have been donated to a hospital, the awful way the protesters threateningly threw it at the police, and the vile smell, it was a simply an ugly day and not appropriate for a struggle which claims democracy and equality as their goals.

I think the photos from today, particularly at the Democrat Party office, describe it best.


  1. It seems that the old "paala" fermeted fish stuff is running out in the country side. Don't agree at throwing stool all over Bangkok. The stench from toilet breaks throughout the area must equally be horrendous. What are our tourists going to think! Yet at the same time, (in an Asian perspective) it is effectively offensive and insulting. The best way to piss off an asian person.

  2. using blood is such a horrible idea do the protesters want the world to think they are all crazy ?


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