Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo of the Day: Convoy to 11th Infantry

Photos from the red shirt convoy to the 11th Infantry Battalion - where the government has set up their command center.

Hard to guess the numbers but certainly much higher than government, military, or the propaganda-oriented ASTV has been stating.

I saw the convoy at about 9am flowing down Pahonyothi road and it simply did not stop.

I finally hitched a ride with the reds at about 11 and there was no end in sight of the convoy.

Notable were the crowds of people gathered on the streets cheering for the reds.

They were Bangkok residents coming out to great and support the reds. Many were waving anything red that they had in their homes or work. I saw red bed sheets and red coffee mugs among other things.

Also notable were the police which came out to wave and some even sported red.

The mood was boisterous, like a party really, and the reds certainly scored a psychological victory by showing residents that there are far more protesters than reported in the media.

Finally, I talked with many people and asked, in Thai, the same question.

What is the most important reason you came to the protest. Is it Thaksin, justice, or democracy?

Everyone claimed democracy as the primary reason.

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  1. Wow, fantastic photos. The photo journalists are
    really making their mark in this era. In the future
    the written word will be forgotten but the photos and film will be used to convey the historical record.


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