Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let’s just hope hypocrites don’t get sick

While partisan Thai journalists have few, if any, ethics, doctors are supposed to.

Yet back in 2008, Thai doctors forgot their Hippocratic oath and refused to treat patients:

Reuters on October 8 2008:

Doctors at Bangkok's main state hospitals said they would not treat police or politicians involved in Tuesday's clashes.

"No treatment for police and wicked politicians in this room," said a sign posted outside an exam room at Chulalongkorn Hospital, although hospital officials said they did not endorse the boycott. 

Of course, such a disgraceful episode is conveniently forgotten in the acerbic hypocrisy of the partisan Thai press as the Bangkok Post's hate-filled opinion piece demonstrates: 

Let's just hope the reds don't ever fall sick

I felt a sting in my eyes and a peppery taste of tears welling up in my throat the minute I saw the photo of an elderly woman being wheeled out of Chulalongkorn Hospital to be put in a taxi so that she could go and receive medical treatment at a ``safer'' hospital.

Chulalongkorn Hospital had no choice but to shut its doors to new out-patients except emergency cases, and evacuate its in-patients to other hospitals after red shirt leader Payap Panket led a number of guards and protesters in storming the hospital on Thursday night, citing their fear - later proven unfounded - that the hospital was housing soldiers.

Let's just hope that ethics, one day in the future, return to the Thai press. 


  1. the Chula story sickens

    headline: Military Invades Hospital

    the hospital coexisted with the red rally for some weeks, in-patient and out-patient services as normal

    there were statements a few days before of shooting at the red rally from the 5th floor of a Chula building and the building is placed with an excellent view and access to the rally stage and site generally

    but only barbarians and heathens would launch an attack from a hospital... so the red leaders left the hospital alone

    then the hospital administration started moving patients out, then some soldiers were spotted

    the reds paranoia was strained, they had to do something, so they searched and they and witnesses saw soldiers running away

    then the media claimed that patients were being moved because of the reds

    and the reds gave in, apologised and cleared space for the hospital and the government agreed no reds, no soldiers

    now there are no patients and the soldiers have moved in ready for their assault on the red rally

    the cunning military controlled government helped by the gullible media have won this move

    no doubt drinks and celebrations at 11th Infantry

  2. When we have only newspapers to rely on, and they fail to retrace what happened, we tend to forget the past. With the advent of the internet...oh dear...That's why the government is heavy on censoring the net.


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