Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nakhon Ratchaprasong

Negotiations are looking more and more likely to ease the immediate crisis and see the red's encampment in the ritzy Ratchaprasong shopping district come to an end.

And while there is certainly a chance that the peace process could be scuttled, Monday could be the end of what some are calling 'Nakhon Ratchaprasong' or 'Ratchaprasong State'.

The fact that the red's protest site has been a delineated territory with its own distinct political culture, social norms,  political hierarchy, civil service, and police force, it did warrant, even if just a little factiously, the term nakhon.

With the end in sight, I thought I would post some random scenes from in and around Nakhon Ratchaprasong over the past couple of weeks.

*Note: General Prem is being featured on the screen behind Veera.

*Note Natthawut Saikua sleeping on the stage, the time recored on my camera is 5:35am on 08/04/2010. A response to claims that red leaders were sleeping in the nearby 5-star hotels or genuine commitment? 


  1. excellent photos thanks

    but I cant see that the redshirts can leave the rally site while the military are still interfering in business and politics in Thailand

    it will take a hero, Abhisit? to make the army return to barracks and stop their interference

    if not the reds will have to wait for an election and hopefully a hero will be brought to power

    its the military that are the problem not the solution

  2. Why dont you show pictures of the men in black holding M16, M79 launchers, and guns ? They are on internet, I saw them.

    I'm pretty sure i'm losing my time anyways, because with all the good faith of yours, you will not publish this comment.

  3. Great work, Chandler. You've come a long way since our first snowboarding photo shoot with you at Mt. Baker in 1988. Wish you a quick and full recovery.

    Kevin Kinnear

  4. Thanks for the great work - best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  5. Wish you a fast recovery.
    We need you to share your story of that day.

  6. Hi Chandler. Your work is always amazing- You are the strongest person I know. I know you will recover from all of this- it seems you are doing impressing the doctors- as only you could. We all wish a speedy recovery to you. Our film will not be the same without your voice in it. Take care my friend, and lets finish what we started- tell the story of your life and inspire so many people with your wisdom and experience.


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