Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Prime Minister

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Sam Rainsy on the campaign trail in Phnom Phen, Cambodia - I think it was about 2004.

The following warm welcome sure would be nice if Sam Rainsy was Prime Minister of Cambodia.

The raging nationalisms that have been fixated upon Preah Vihear might have a chance to be mitigated by rationality rather than by stupid animalistic politicians and foaming-at-the-mouth angry mobs.

But, of course, strong man Hen Sen is not going anywhere and despite my own hopes, Abhisit likely is going to have a limited honeymoon as PM and then be making way for the 28th PM.

From Rainsy:

Dear Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva,

I wish to join all members of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats in expressing my most sincere congratulations to all Thai Members of Parliament in choosing you as Thailand’s 27th Prime Minister. I have full trust and confidence in you in securing national harmony and in finding the right solutions for your people at a time when Thailand’s economy is experiencing a climate of uncertainty.

There are many hurdles that lay ahead but with your commitment to fight corruption and to uphold democratic principles these hurdles will be overcome. Your strong stance for a clean government and for the respect of freedoms and liberties will lead to actions that will benefit all Thais. It is also my strong belief and hope that your vision for regional harmony will see peaceful solutions and the strengthening of economic and cultural ties that will bring mutual progress and prosperity to our peoples.


Sam Rainsy, MP

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