Friday, December 12, 2008

Politics or Cults are Addictive?

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People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) sling shot maker at Government House October 26 2008.

From the pro-PAD Nation newspaper:

Political protest is addictive, say the PAD supporters suffering cold turkey for Christmas

"I miss my friends from the Bangkok protests so much," says Nam (not her real name), a 56-year-old government official from Nakhon Ratchasima province and veteran of the PAD demonstrations. "At the moment I'm monitoring the political situation round the clock via the anti-government ASTV."

Nam is just one of many PAD supporters who miss the camaraderie of protests that lasted a record-breaking 193 days, from the second-largest PAD rally on May 25 to the end of the Suvarnabhumi Airport siege on December 3.

"I'm probably addicted to the mob," she says, adding that she follows ASTV news on the Internet when she works, on the car radio while driving, on TV at home and even via mobile-phone alerts when she's in a meeting.

Another veteran of the protests, 55-year-old businesswoman "Koi", says she also tunes in regularly to get her "fix" from ASTV.

"I used to leave my office every evening and go straight to the demonstration at Government House," she says. "Now I have no idea where to go in the evenings after work."

All three would like to see PAD leaders organise a big get-together for protest regulars. It would help fill the hole in their lives, they say, as well as keeping up morale for future action if the next government tries to amend the 2007 Constitution.

I guess it would be a stretch for such indoctrinated sheep to investigate their news from multiple sources?

But ultimately what this means is that PAD's flock of blind sheep and their violent henchmen are already teething at the bit and will be ready to unleash their lawless fury on the streets of Bangkok very soon.

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