Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PAD's Foreign Minister Update

Bangkok Post Cartoon, July 31, 2008.

More non-sense from the PAD Foreign Minister.

From the Bangkok Post:

"Prime Minister Abhsit Vejjajiva said he will not remove Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya from post, after foreign media quoted him saying the closure of Bangkok's two airports by anti-government protesters was fun.
Mr Kasit, meanwhile, insisted it was impossible for him to give out comments that may damage the country.
He said he believed the foreign press could misinterpret his statements, adding that they may have ill intentions against him.

Nice touch, the Foreign Minister caught with his foot in his mouth and he blames the foreigners.

Maybe next he will blame the 11th century Khmer's for having ill intentions to Thailand for building Preah Vihear in 'Thai territory'.

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  1. Being aware of potential conflicts of interest has never been a strong point in Thailand's political history - in fact the system positively promotes conflicts of interest. Some recent examples include the payment of 40-60 million baht for MP's to defect their party and the appointment of MP's you are indebted to to lucrative Government positions so they can take kickbacks on projects.

    Abhisit should be embarrassed to have someone like Kasit as foreign minister. The contrast between Obama's selection of staff for the new administration and the cronyism and corruption demonstrated by the democrats/military/PAD could not be greater.


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